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Default Graphic card

i am trying to decide on a new graphic card to replace my horribly old one.

im not sure wich once support 2 screens, never done it but i intend to start, so need one that can do that, aswell as TVout, but i guss allmost all have it.

any suggestions? Price is a limit so i cant buy the very new once, gforce or ati matter little aslong as its dependable(my old 9800xt was so horribly undependable even tho we replaced it 3 times, downgraded to 9600xt and stayed :\)

so... help!
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Default Re: Graphic card

Good deal on an nVidia 6800 GT 256mb-

BFG Tech cards are really solid cards as well. You may look into them.

I could tell you more if I knew an exact price range
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Default Re: Graphic card

If you're still interested Newegg is definitely the best place to go, I have a 256 EVGA graphics card 6800 GT ive had absolutely no problems what-so-ever with it, it runs WoW fine max settings doesnt even bother it. If you need some more help feel free to hit me up in game i love working with Computer Parts and tweaking out my own comp
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Exclamation Re: Graphic card

Ive got a card which is alittle older, but its a damn good card. 128mb DDR ATI card. Link here.

Both me and Maraeh have them running in our comps and wow is very smooth, and for the price, its great. Was $99.99 at the time. Just goes to show you, you dont need a 256md card that badly. But if you do want one, you can find a nice 256md DDR ATI All-in-wonder at circuitcity for $99.

FYI!!!!! When I bought my card, I first bought a 256mb BFG card with an nvidia chipset. It would lock up when trying to load WoW!! I returned it and got another BFG card, this one a 128MB, and it did the same damn thing. Finally I got an ATI card http://www.visiontek.com/9550.html and never had a single problem with it. Definitely reccomended and you can find one cheap now. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...P=OTC-d3alt1me Under $50!!!!

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Default Re: Graphic card

I'm running dual screens on a 6800gt, runs this game amazingly.
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