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Default Finally!

It took us quite a bit longer than it did most guilds that have been killing Garr and Geddon as long, and unexpectedly had the first Thunderfury end up on a Paladin (which hog all our orange weapons!).

Since Arlos already acquired the half from Garr from before he joined our guild, Geddon's half which dropped this weekend of course went to him. Thanks to all those being generous sending their arcanite we managed to gather all the materials to summon and slay the biggest pushover ever; Prince Thunderaan.

Ogmuk / Olgar / Zoke / Gnalom / etc
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Default Re: Finally!

He is going to be a pally forever now!!
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Default Re: Finally!

Freaking awesome guys, really sorry I wasn't there to see this guy, but at least we have the stupid sword now.
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Default Re: Finally!

Looks heavy.
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