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Here's a IRC log of someone starting to message me in IRC while i was playing AO.

Session Start: Sat Aug 30 20:17:37 2003
Session Ident: Jenn5163
[20:17] <Jenn5163> Hello
[20:18] <Jenn5163> Karin, are you there? :-))
[20:20] <Karin> yes
[20:20] <Jenn5163> Well it took you long enough
[20:20] <Jenn5163> Do you play AO?
[20:21] <Jenn5163> Not again!
[20:21] <Jenn5163> Are u there????????
[20:22] <Jenn5163> hmmmm
[20:23] <Jenn5163> Why are u on Chat if you don't chat????
[20:23] <Karin> calm down, yes i am playing ao
[20:23] <Jenn5163> Rolf
[20:24] <Jenn5163> Karin
[20:24] <Jenn5163> U calm down
[20:24] <Jenn5163> Did someone whip you, so you don't talk???
[20:24] <Jenn5163> =)
[20:25] <Karin> no i'm not really watching rc
[20:25] <Karin> irc
[20:25] <Jenn5163> did u get my last thing i said?
[20:25] <Jenn5163> Hello?
[20:25] <Jenn5163> hello
[20:26] <Jenn5163> What lvls do u have?
[20:26] <Karin> what do you want?
[20:26] <Jenn5163> Chat w/ u of course silly
[20:26] <Jenn5163> You don't chat that good tho
[20:26] <Jenn5163> u must have a slow comp
[20:26] <Karin> ...
[20:27] <Jenn5163> omg
[20:27] <Jenn5163> What lvls do u have?
[20:27] <Karin> 140 and 160
[20:27] <Jenn5163> what prof?
[20:27] <Jenn5163> Liar
[20:27] <Jenn5163> liar
[20:27] <Karin> ma and shade
[20:27] <Jenn5163> liar
[20:27] <Jenn5163> liar
[20:27] <Jenn5163> OOO
[20:27] <Jenn5163> Whats a shade? I can't play
[20:27] <Jenn5163> since 2 months ago
[20:28] <Karin> profession in the coming expansion
[20:28] <Jenn5163> What?
[20:28] <Jenn5163> Then how do u have it?
[20:28] <Jenn5163> Hacker?=)
[20:28] <Karin> beta testing
[20:28] <Jenn5163> Ur testing?
[20:28] <Karin> yes, i just said that
[20:29] <Jenn5163> who's beta then?
[20:29] <Jenn5163> Are u just someone who plays AO? Or the person who works on it?
[20:29] <Karin> funcoms... AO expansion called Shadowlands
[20:29] <Karin> just someone who plays
[20:29] <Jenn5163> Sur u are
[20:29] <Jenn5163> Liar
[20:29] <Jenn5163> What else has changed?
[20:30] <Jenn5163> Why do u play ao and have this thing on at the same time>?? Pls answer
[20:30] <Karin> i'm under nda. cannot tell you, Can read info on AO's webpage
[20:30] <Jenn5163> Cannot tell me what?
[20:30] <Karin> for communications
[20:30] <Karin> info on shadowlands
[20:30] <Jenn5163> what
[20:31] <Jenn5163> oh
[20:31] <Jenn5163> why can't u tell me?
[20:31] <Jenn5163> Its not like i can get on AO and tell everyone
[20:31] <Jenn5163> thats so stupid tell me pls?=)))
[20:31] <Karin> sorry, i cannot break the NDA
[20:31] <Jenn5163> Plus i don't have the game Shadowlands
[20:32] <Jenn5163> Lol why not? Someone will kill ya?
[20:32] <Jenn5163> jk
[20:32] <Jenn5163> Tell me
[20:32] <Jenn5163> Karin how old r u, u should like u are the type of old person that doesn't want to get bothered with
[20:32] <Jenn5163> it that true?
[20:33] <Karin> could say that
[20:33] <Jenn5163> Like/...........
[20:33] <Jenn5163> How old
[20:33] <Jenn5163> Why do u type so slow?
[20:34] <Jenn5163> How old
[20:34] <Jenn5163> Karin????
[20:34] <Karin> over 20, under 30. i type "slow" because i'm currently playing AO so my attention is devided
[20:34] <Jenn5163> Karin???
[20:34] <Jenn5163> Shut up
[20:35] <Jenn5163> cuz of me? =*(
[20:35] <Jenn5163> cuz of me? =*(
[20:35] <Karin> no
[20:35] <Jenn5163> then why?
[20:36] <Karin> i play ao cause it's fun?
[20:36] <Jenn5163> Lol
[20:36] <Jenn5163> No
[20:36] <Jenn5163> Why are u divided attention?
[20:36] <Jenn5163> i mean..
[20:37] <Jenn5163> R u Gurl or boy?
[20:37] <Karin> cause i cannot watch irc and play ao at the same time...
[20:37] <Jenn5163> r u gurl or boy?
[20:37] <Karin> and thats none of your concern
[20:38] <Jenn5163> well im curious god nm then sb
[20:39] <Jenn5163> ~žJennaž~
[20:39] <Jenn5163> If it wasn't any of my consern then why did u tell me ur age (Btwn)
[20:40] <Karin> i didn't
[20:40] <Jenn5163> Yes u did
[20:41] <Jenn5163> Why do u have this chat open and play AO at the same time then? or is the private info u can't tell anyone but;/////////////
[20:41] <Karin> cause like it
[20:41] <Jenn5163> Why do u like it? lol no one talks to you (except me right now)
[20:42] <Karin> can watch if anyone wants me something in guild channel or so
[20:42] <Jenn5163> ~?~
[20:43] <Jenn5163> Are your other chars named Karin? ( Or just one of them?)
[20:44] <Karin> none actually
[20:44] <Jenn5163> Hello?
[20:45] <Jenn5163> Hmm
[20:46] <Jenn5163> U r so boring!~ N.A.
[20:46] <Karin> perhaps i am
[20:46] <Jenn5163> Perhaps yes
[20:47] <Jenn5163> Karin has lvls 22 and 21
[20:48] <Jenn5163> where does lvls 150 hunt?
[20:48] <Karin> missions mostly
[20:48] <Jenn5163> 220
[20:49] <Karin> level 220 would not hunt at all i'd imagine.
[20:49] <Jenn5163> Hey, would u kno...........
[20:50] <Jenn5163> Would u kno Lexussteak?
[20:50] <Karin> nope
[20:50] <Jenn5163> Aww
[20:50] <Jenn5163> Then...........
[20:51] <Jenn5163> forgot the name
[20:51] <Jenn5163> OH///// Electronix4
[20:52] <Karin> no idea
[20:52] <Jenn5163> damn
[20:52] <Jenn5163> Then hmm
[20:52] <Jenn5163> Do u play anyother games?
[20:53] <Karin> sometimes
[20:53] <Jenn5163> Do u Play Unreal Tornament?
[20:54] <Karin> no, not a fan of fps games
[20:54] <Jenn5163> Whats Fps game?
[20:54] <Karin> first person shooter
[20:54] <Jenn5163> Why not?
[20:55] <Jenn5163> U sux at it?
[20:55] <Karin> just don't appeal to me
[20:56] <Jenn5163> WOW
[20:56] <Jenn5163> What do u call AO then?
[20:56] <Karin> an MMORPG
[20:56] <Jenn5163> Whats that?
[20:57] <Karin> Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Game
[20:57] <Jenn5163> OH
[20:57] <Jenn5163> Ok then.....
[20:58] <Jenn5163> U seem.... smart(somehow), Boring(Guessing), and who knos what age u r.........
[20:58] <Jenn5163> Am i right or am i wrong?
[20:59] <Karin> maybe to you.
[20:59] * Karin shrugs
[20:59] <Jenn5163> Well...Uh!
[21:00] <Jenn5163> Afk for a sec
[21:00] <Jenn5163> /afk
[21:01] <Jenn5163> Okay back!
[21:02] <Jenn5163> Are you Omni on the game? Or clan Or N.?
[21:03] <Karin> omni
[21:03] <Jenn5163> Okay then.........
[21:03] <Jenn5163> Where do u get the omni pol armor?
[21:03] <Jenn5163> i don't think missions help that much
[21:04] <Karin> some shops have them, sometimes
[21:04] <Jenn5163> Which shops?
[21:05] <Karin> superior armor shops
[21:06] <Jenn5163> Located where in omni-1 or i mean rome
[21:06] <Karin> both
[21:06] <Jenn5163> NO
[21:07] <Jenn5163> Can u get them in Nl?
[21:08] <Karin> newland?, no only a omni shop
[21:08] <Jenn5163> Well hasn't Nl become Omni territory?
[21:08] <Karin> no
[21:09] <Jenn5163> How much do u think the Omni-pol armor would cost ? (Black on, Full set) For a lower lvl around 90
[21:09] <Karin> just some hired mercenaries there who kill clan
[21:10] <Karin> no idea at all
[21:10] <Jenn5163> If i remember exatly, i only have 5 mil on that char =( ( would that be enough?)
[21:11] <Karin> probably
[21:11] <Jenn5163> If u don't kno, then what do u have for your armor?
[21:13] <Karin> Servants of Eight
[21:13] <Jenn5163> ( afk for a sec,)
[21:16] <Jenn5163> I'll brb,... Going to take a shower, afk still
[21:45] <Jenn5163> Back
[21:46] <Jenn5163> Karin, brb going w/ bf and his friends somewhere, [01:09] <Jenn5163> Back Karin!
[01:10] <Jenn5163> Karin are you still there?? =)))
[01:11] <Jenn5163> KARRRRRINNNN?????????????????
[01:11] <Jenn5163> Karin?
[01:11] <Jenn5163> Karin?
[01:11] <Jenn5163> Karin?
[01:11] <Jenn5163> Karin?
[01:11] <Jenn5163> Karin?
[01:11] <Jenn5163> Karin?
Session Close: Sun Aug 31 01:19:19 2003
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Default The strangest people talk to me...

You know you missed a prime cyber opportunity there right? Course, I think Jenn5163 is actually Vendrix, so it's probably for the best....

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Old 09-04-2003, 10:42 AM   #3
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hmmm - my chat handle was supposed to be <Jenny8675309> wonder why it got changed...
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Old 09-04-2003, 02:12 PM   #4
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How do we know she didn't take the opportunity? I mean, there's a huge time gap from 10:00 to 1:00....maybe she just is holding out the juicy part of the log for a sequal?

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Old 09-06-2003, 12:09 AM   #5
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Default Missed opportunity to cyber?

I'm Jenn5162, duh!
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Default ...

In that case Ven:
[21:46] <Jenn5163> Karin, brb going w/ bf and his friends somewhere,

Where did you go with your boyfriend? We always knew you were gay :P
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No, no...Vendrix is Jenn5162, not Jenn5163...course, he still has a bf, but that's beside the point.
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Ven may not eat meat, but according to numerous forum postings he'd damn sure suck it into submission.
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Old 09-22-2003, 12:44 AM   #9
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Not sure which is more amusing, the chat log or the comments about Vendrix.
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Zhenya L`Usiv
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Originally Posted by Cattie
[20:24] <Jenn5163> Did someone whip you, so you don't talk???
Only when she asks!

Originally Posted by Cattie
[20:32] <Jenn5163> Karin how old r u, u should like u are the type of old person that doesn't want to get bothered with
Heh, anything over 14 is 'older' to this loser, methinks.

Originally Posted by Cattie
[20:34] <Jenn5163> Shut up

Originally Posted by Cattie
[20:37] <Jenn5163> R u Gurl or boy?
More pics are needed here...

Originally Posted by Cattie
[20:46] <Jenn5163> U r so boring!~ N.A.
He's got you there, i'm afraid.

Originally Posted by Cattie
[20:52] <Jenn5163> Do u play anyother games?
Boy, does she ever!

Originally Posted by Cattie
[20:58] <Jenn5163> U seem.... smart(somehow), Boring(Guessing), and who knos what age u r.........
Sounds like a chemist or librarian to me.

Originally Posted by Cattie
[21:16] <Jenn5163> I'll brb,... Going to take a shower, afk still
NO pics needed here however...

Originally Posted by Cattie
[01:11] <Jenn5163> KARRRRRINNNN?????????????????
Anyone else thinking William Shatner here? StarTrekII? Yeah, you know the scene...

* * *

I honestly can't believe he didn't ask for any cYb0r, I was looking forward to reading some hot, Swedish text lines.
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/pokes zhenya

How you been? ^_^
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