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Default Kaz'rogal Destroyed!

Yet another one of Archimonde's minons met his demise to the destructive power of Ownage Inc. 3 bosses down in the Hyjal Summit, 2 more to go now. This kill couldn't have been possible if it wasn't for The Warchief and a lone shaman for the last 3%. Gratz to everyone!

18:48:22 [W] Tryst: Like people fear that I'll immediately boot them out of the guild, hunt down their family and slowly roast them over a car engine, while hanging them up by their nipples with meathooks and giving them tons of paper cuts on the bottom of their feet.

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Default Re: Kaz'rogal Destroyed!

Awesome job guys, I hope I can make the next hyjal and clear the whole thing
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Default Re: Kaz'rogal Destroyed!

i can honestly say:


plus some 24 other rocking ppl!
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