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Default High Warlord...... who cares, he died!

First night into Black Temple in the most Healing intensive fight thus far in TBC, and Da`Kor downs our first boss. After finally getting situated, everyone got their game faces on, and WTFPWNED this noob. Four new bosses down in a matter of 1 week span. Gratz to everyone!

18:48:22 [W] Tryst: Like people fear that I'll immediately boot them out of the guild, hunt down their family and slowly roast them over a car engine, while hanging them up by their nipples with meathooks and giving them tons of paper cuts on the bottom of their feet.

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Default Re: High Warlord...... who cares, he died!

lol i like the title of this post. i kind of felt the same way. anyways gj everyone.
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