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Default Spoils of War


Bloodfang Belt: Lisarian
Pattern: Flarecore Wraps: Veev


Mantle of Prophecy: Levidian
Nightslayer Pants: Diverge


Choker of Enlightenment: Mercop
Tome of Tranquilizing Shot: Falkorn
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spell Power: Punk

Misc. drops
Giantstalker's Bracers: Soratho
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Default Re: Spoils of War

As mentioned in /raid: the first wipes were brought to you by CT "Will make your MT crash" Raid. But after that it went very smooth.

Do you have screenies of the other loot, Ram? I wanted to ask in-game but I got the server queue screen, picked a different server to test something and now Stormrage won't even show on the list.
Ogmuk / Olgar / Zoke / Gnalom / etc
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