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View Poll Results: Who was the best Batman?
Adam West 2 10.00%
Michael Keaton 8 40.00%
Val Kilmer 1 5.00%
George Clooney 1 5.00%
Christian Bale 8 40.00%
Voters: 20. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Who was the best Batman?

Who was the best Batman!?
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I think all the Batmans were ok, none really stood out as awesome. I'd say its a toss up between Micheal Keaton and Christian Bale. Now if the question was The Best Joker, I'd have to say Heath Ledger, and based upon that I'd say maybe Christian Bale was better because of Heath Ledgers performance.
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Best Joker would have to include the animated series with Mark Hamil as the voice actor, which I would say is the best Joker.
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Might as well add Kevin Conroy to the discussion too. He voiced a pretty amazing Batman in the animated series and in the video game.

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