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Default 4d 23h to go...

Today we cleaned up what we started yesterday. Only Domo and Ragnaros left. If we could only start over before this damned /raidinfo resets!

Due to the many requests, another quote familiar to the fans!

"Damn, a hard day's rocking. Better slip off ma shoes.
Maybe give a little stretch, and a bend."

Baron Geddon
Lawbringer Boots - Purity

Cenarion Spaulders - Elros

Stormrage Boots - Terendil
Arcanist Boots - Chakra
Blastershot Launcher - Clive
Nightslayer Gloves - Diverge

Lawbringer Bracers - Dracon
Ogmuk / Olgar / Zoke / Gnalom / etc
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