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Exclamation Instructions for Applying to Da`Kor (MUST READ)


Da`Kor is currently accepting exceptional candidates to recruit into the legion for the Azphel server, Elyos side. Since we will be in our leveling phase, our recruitment requirements will be somewhat lenient.

why join Da`Kor?
  • Da`Kor is dedicated to raiding and defeating end-game content.
  • All members are treated with respect and cared for. Harassment, swearing, and yelling at people is not allowed.
  • Stable legion/guild environment.
  • Da`Kor is a meritocracy, not a dictatorship. Anyone can become an officer if they put in the effort & initiative and act with dignity.
  • We have high standards for our members and are willing to help people reach their potential.

requirements to apply
  1. Some previous MMO experience.
  2. Ventrilo client installed. Microphone is highly recommended.
  3. Must NOT be applying to any other legion.

apply by filling out an application form

Post Title: Name - Class

Real Name:
Character Name:


Do you have ventrilo and a mic:
Do you use IRC?:

Why are you interested in joining Da`Kor:
What are your previous MMO experiences:
What do you consider your best MMO achievement to date:
What unique attribute about yourself can you contribute to Da`Kor:
What previous guilds/legions were you associated with:
What was your reason for leaving the most recent guild/legion:

Were you referred to anyone within Da`Kor? And if so, who:
Describe how you would deal with constructive criticism:
Describe how you would deal with non-constructive criticism:
After filling out the post, you must provide a dxdiag.xml file attachment to your posted recruitment thread. Instructions are as followed:

  1. Click Start -> Run
  2. Type cmd and press enter
  3. In the command prompt type:
    dxdiag -x %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\dxdiag.xml
  4. The file should appear on your desktop (Note: this may take a few moments).

Attach the dxdiag.xml file by clicking the Manage Attachments button at the bottom of the creation of the new thread. It will be listed under "Additional Options" section.
If you are shy and do not want your application posted publicly please contact Azayia or Seiga and we will post a private application on your behalf.

legion etiquette
  • Do not embarrass the legion by ridiculing other players on public forums or by being arrogant or boastful. When you post your posts carry the legion tag and everyone in the legion has to suffer the consequences. Legion members who make bad posts will be temporarily removed from the legion so that the legion tag is not associated with their posts until said posts can be removed.
  • We believe strongly in legion unity. If you prefer to spend your non-raid time grouping with people outside of the legion, either in a legion PvP clique group or whatever else, you will likely be removed. We raid together, PvP together, farm together, and so on. The legion is not a mechanism to get loot, it is a place to form friendships.

how the recruitment process works

Recruitment: For those folks that remember our WoW system, Aion will present a different method of recruiting. The recruit will have a 1 week trial maximum. If within that 1 week a decision can not be made, then chances are you will not be wearing our tag. If accepted, you will then be placed in our recruitment legion. After that, if you impress us enough, you'll be accepted to the main legion.

Votes: This will be removed from Aion. Legion acceptance will be based on leadership decision.

thank you

Thank you for applying!

We know applying to a legion can be a stressful process and appreciate your taking the time to apply. Take care and hope to see you soon. =)

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