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Default 5d 16h 52m to go, this time

We cleaned Molten Core quite a bit faster again. About 8 hours after Lucifron dropped it was Golemagg's turn to hit the dust and cough up ph4t lewtz, leaving Molten Core with only Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros.

By the way, if you want to view stats of any item that dropped for us in Molten Core (and off other epic dropping mobs such as Onyxia) thus far, I've now allowed directory index listing of the loot images directory. You can find it here:

Cenarion Gloves - Rore

Arcanist Robes - Veev
Medallion of Steadfast Might - Olgar

Arcanist Gloves - Veev

Gloves of Prophecy - Huron
Drillborer Disk - Bonesaw

Baron Geddon
Seal of the Archmagus - Hellbourne

Bloodfang Belt - Didek

Bindings of Transcendence - Drunklight

Robes of Prophecy - Kryone
Giantstalker's Leggings - Falkorn
Nightslayer Gloves - Verd
Ogmuk / Olgar / Zoke / Gnalom / etc
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Default Re: 5d 16h 52m to go, this time

I just wanted to say thank you so much for having me on this raid. It was a blast. hope to do it again sometime. and thanks for all the cyber requests during the raid. I'm sorry i couldn't answer you all.
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